Sunday, 28 September 2014

I'm finished! No, wait! I've just begun!

“Man plans, God laughs....” Last year October I started writing A Bride for Connor. Initially it was supposed to be a single story but by the time I got halfway through I realized one book could not tell the whole tale I had started to weave. Book two was supposed to be completed by April of this year and book three sometime in the summer but those plans fell through due to illness. 

When I restarted writing, it was quite difficult reconnecting. It was crazy! Many days I wanted to take a hammer to the computer, or scream in frustration, or cry. I cannot describe how relieved I felt when I typed the last words. I wrote and published books two and three simultaneously because of the extended time gap; it was a challenge but I was determined. So...... I am supposed to be on a break, give my mind time to breathe. Hah! Do creative minds know what rest means? I’m currently writing the draft for "The Tourist", book one of a new series of stand alone works called “Fatal Treasures”; I’ll keep you posted on that project as time progresses.

I offer thanks to my readers and my friends for being patient (or pretending to be- I am pretty sure I received subtle threats a few times-lol) and their encouragement. It was very much appreciated. 

Have a wonderful day!