Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Peek into The Tourist and The Fatal Treasures Series

Well…..the heat didn’t win. I did! But the victory is bittersweet-I didn’t melt in the summer sun but it’s still hot as hell! Now I want to talk a bit about The Tourist.
The Tourist is the first book in the Fatal Treasures series. In a nutshell (or thimble if you don’t care for that particular idiom), the series is about individuals who are in possession of, or are on a mission to acquire very valuable items and find themselves in dangerous situations. And of course, someone or some people will die as the title implies. I have a glimpse of what’s cooking on my plotting stove; I hope it smells good to you!


Jake Evans flew to the Caribbean for a well-deserved holiday. He was only seeking a hot summer fling when he invited an irresistible local, Sabina James into his bed. But the invitation inadvertently puts her life in danger. Jake is in possession of a highly valuable painting a relative will stop at nothing to get. A smoking feud catches fire. And both men are determined that when the smoke clears only one man will be left standing.

(The Tourist is not a full length or serialized novel. The stories in the Fatal Treasures series are stand alone novellas that can be read in any order)


Roger Evans relaxed on a wicker lounge chair, by the pool of his late father’s house, which sat on the crest of Morne Hill, overlooking the south coast. Vibrant hues of orange and violet draped the Caribbean horizon, signaling sunset. The ocean crashed onto the distant shores in bursts of white tipped blue. Roger was flicking through a healthy lifestyles magazine, indulging in a large glass of chilled rum punch. A short while ago he’d returned from playing a game of tennis at Landings Club; followed by a quickie with one of the waitresses in a bathroom stall. He set down the drink on an end table next to him then tossed the glossy publication to the ground; it landed next to his racket. 
Arousal began to plague him as he reflected on the sexual experience he had engaged in earlier. The pale skin of his long, lean body pricked with heat. Roger closed his blue eyes and rubbed his hands up and down the front of his white polo shirt. He took a deep breath of the balmy Atlantic breeze. It wasn't the act of sex itself which gave him great satisfaction but the pain he inflicted on the unsuspecting Colleen. Roger was dangerously close to climaxing in his white shorts as he recalled the bites he had made to her bottom lip and earlobes, drawing blood. She didn't take kindly to them. Her shrieks of protest were muffled by a clamped hand as he grunted drove himself inside her with rough thrusts. His erection started to deflate when he remembered her unexpected reaction after he was finished.
“I didn't like that weird stuff you did at first but I must say, that was the biggest orgasm I ever had in my life!” Roger responded by shoving her slim body aside and storming out of the bathroom. Colleen had just stared after him, stunned. Everything was going great until the moment she began to smile and opened her pink painted lips, ruining the experience. His great expectations of relishing the sight of her cowering in pain; were quashed. 
Three, heavy set men materialized before Roger, startling him. The dwindling haze of desire vanished. Cora, the maid, stood behind them, frantic. The short stocky, middle aged, Indian woman was partially hidden by their huge frames. 
“They just barged in. I'm so sorry Mr. Evans. So, so sorry!” Cora apologized profusely. Roger dismissed her with a wave of his right hand, which was adorned with several stone studded gold rings. She rubbed her palms nervously up and down the skirt of her pink and white uniform and hurried into the house. 
Roger observed the intimidating trio. They were all clad in dark tee shirts and pants. And armed. Grey metal peeked from the inside of their denim jackets. Roger swallowed slowly. Twice. He felt his bowels threaten to loosen.


I hope this whiff of my upcoming story whets your appetite. Let me know what you think.

Off I go to turn up the heat on the stove and bring the plot pot to a simmer.

I hope you enjoy what's left of the weekend! 

Have a super time!


Saturday, 4 October 2014

What Is Happening Now?

This is going to be a short post my dear friends.

Writing is hard. Writing in the summer heat is……harder- it’s 32 degrees Celsius here in Barbados. I am working on the preview for The Tourist which I want to have completed by next week so you can take a peek into the new story I’m creating. If you don’t see it posted soon it means I have melted into a puddle with my notebooks and laptop.

I am hosting a book giveaway (paperback) on Goodreads for ‘A Wedding for Daniel’, book 3 of The Berwyn Island Trilogy. It is running until December 02nd.

So I'm off to try and stay cool and we shall meet again soon……if the sun shows some mercy.

Have a great day.