Sunday, 2 November 2014

Nanowrimo Is For Crazy People!

Yes, yes, Nanowrimo is for crazy people. That’s why I am tackling it for the fourth time this year. Nanowrimo- a challenge to pump out 50, 000 words in thirty days. What kind of lunatic would create such an overwhelming, temper testing, irrational, exciting, fun and addictive challenge? A lovable one of course!

I first took the challenge in 2010 and won but didn’t get around to submitting the story (I was probably passed out from exhaustion). In 2011 I was again successful and officially validated my entry.

I do not know how I pulled it off in 2011 while studying and working. In 20 days my story was at 52,000 words. Last year I again demonstrated my masochistic tendencies and took up the challenge- sort of. It was more like Octowrimo; I began writing in October because attempting it in November was not quite possible due to prior engagements. By the end of day thirty I was barely past halfway at 28,000 words; however those 28,000 words went on to become my first published works ( a novella series complete at about 59,000 words).

To all you Wrimos out there I have three words of wisdom that were imparted on me in 2011 by a colleague whom I recruited to give me a push throughout that blistering thirty day writing period. Suck it up! If you were braced for a string of sweet inspirational words........I am sorry to have disappointed you.

Suck it up, keep writing and most important, have fun, please, it’s necessary. You need to laugh and berate yourself over the fact that you have completely lost your mind to take on such a feat. And you will be amazed at the stuff that actually comes out of that creative brain of yours, even if it makes no sense whatsoever. It is noble and admirable to even consider Nanowrimo.

So suit up and head out into that battlefield and hopefully you will return with that coveted badge but even if you don’t win the war, take great pride in being a Wrimo soldier.

Good luck guys!