Friday, 30 September 2016

And the Title Is...

I really dislike coming up with titles for my work. Absolutely hate it. Sigh...okay...just needed to get that out of the way. Lol! So without too much ado, the title for my next romance parody book is....(a drum roll is playing but you are too far away to hear)...

So, that's all folks. I came, I said; now I'm off to do some work on said title which is scheduled for release in 2017. You can read more about this story HERE.

Stay awesome.


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Goings On Etc.

A big hello to my dear readers!

I just wanted to give you a little update on my new book.  My crazy writer's brain is hard at work weaving plots and scenes. Gian, the genius but weird tycoon and feisty Mariella are really coming alive.

The story will unfold in the fictional city of Ealing, the metropolis of a place called York Island which is off the coast of Antigua. Ealing is where the elite of York Island can be found living high and existing on low sleep hours (it often takes a ridiculous work schedule to be able to roll around in mounds of money and pay medical bills that arise from the stress).  I just finished a scene of the newlyweds' first meal together and it is something straight out of an asylum- I can hardly wait to share previews with you. As the tale unravels I will be giving you little peeks here and there.

If you haven't read previous posts about the new story you can catch up here. You can follow my blog by email or follow me on Facebook for updates CLICK HERE.

I have not pinned down a publication date as yet but I am aiming for a spring release.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, 4 September 2016

Dear Annie

Hi guys, here is a little tale I wrote that will hopefully brighten your day.

Dear cousin Annie,
I thank you so much for trying to help me out with the cooking for our family luncheon over the weekend. However, for future reference, when preparing coleslaw it is less messy if you wash the carrots then grate them, instead of the other way around. I will be sending you my plumbing bill by the way.
I also need to mention that to my knowledge, guacamole dip is made with avocado pears-not Bartlett’s. And one more thing before I go, ketchup is not usually a dressing people put on tossed salad, just saying. I will appreciate it very much-actually I am demanding-that you never set foot in my kitchen again.
Take care until we meet again.


**The part with the carrots is actually true. When I was a teenager one of my friends actually grated a bowl of carrot then tried to wash it after. Her mother was hopping mad because most of it ended up in the drain and they had to do a fresh batch!**