Sunday, 10 July 2016

An Italian Walked Into a Bar...

Sorry, no, I'm not telling one of those kind of jokes! I'm just pulling your leg (hopefully it's not arthritic). Anyway, an Italian did walk onto a blank page on my computer screen and he had some very interesting issues in tow. And those issues transformed into the new romance parody I am writing now. The Italian's name is Gian Sorrinteno and he is a uhm...a little weird, very intelligent but weird.

Gian is at the helm of an empire. When it comes to business, Gian is a boss. He is well informed, intuitive and forward thinking. In the dating arena and in certain social situations however, Gian can be quite clueless. Now Mr. Sorrinteno has no difficulties whatsoever finding a woman to hook on his arm, after all, he is extremely wealthy and good looking; so good looking it can be nauseating. Sooo good looking that his attractiveness can be spotted from a space station (roll eyes). But Gian's personal lifestyle of being a bachelor with no apparent intentions of settling down is beginning to affect the reputation of his empire, especially after a very crucial change in operations. 

His life becomes even more complicated when he sets off to collect on a debt but returns home with a very angry fiancee instead- a woman he barely knows that despises his existence. Things are looking really messed up for Gian and he thinks that it can't get much worse...but Murphy's Law just came to play in his sandbox. 

Do we think they will eventually fall in love? But of course, it's a romance tale! So if we know that is how the story will end, why read it? Because it's common knowledge that it's not all about the destination in a romance read, it's about the journey.

I will keep you all posted on my progress and sneak you some peeks along the way. Click HERE to find out more.

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Have a drama-free day, unless that's what you thrive on!



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