Sunday, 23 October 2016

Boo, Don't Be Shy! It's Time For Pumpkin Pie!

Hi everyone,

I guess all those who have plans of trick or treating have their costumes and candy and are anxious to hit the streets. And some of you have your pumpkins all carved and ready for display...and speaking of I am featuring a spookylicious Halloween poem by poet, Dawn Haynes-Grimes. Now after reading this poem, some may toss out those pumpkins that are already carved...and for those who haven't started...they just might not do it at all. 

The Tale of Pumpkin Pie

I asked my gardener, Bobby, he’s such a dear
to carve me a pumpkin, Halloween was near.
He produced a spookily delicious work of art- oh my!
then christened the golden vegetable Pumpkin Pie,
placed it on the kitchen counter and sighed proudly.

Later that night as I was heading up the stairs
to prepare the candy stash for eager little dears,
there was a thud behind me, low but very distinct
I turned around and my stomach started to sink-
for at the foot of the stairs was Pumpkin Pie

A blue light emanated from his hollow eyes
when I looked in its jagged mouth, I wanted to die,
for wedged in between it was a bloody human ear!
My heart painfully rammed against my ribs, and fear
so crippling, seized my body, I could not move.

In the ear was a small cross, studded with a ruby
tears sprang to my eyes because it was Bobby’s!
Pumpkin Pie started to make a raspy growl
then the air was stained with a stench so foul.
Plunk. He started hopping up the stairs. Plunk, plunk!

I started to pray- heavens help me now please!
begging for some strength in my wobbly knees.
Managing to run- quite madly, I headed for my room,
Pumpkin Pie swiftly followed, growling a deadly tune.
Plunk, haargh, haargh, haargh. Plunk, plunk, plunk.

I made it to the door, wrenching it open in haste
then I felt Pumpkin Pie slam hard into my waist.
I fell to the ground, bashing my nose onto the floor,
Pumpkin Pie hopped on my back, then I heard a roar
and I braced myself for the worst surely to come.

But all I heard was a loud whack and an angry grunt
the weight from my back disappeared, and then, CLUNK!
As I cringed, strong hands hauled me up to my feet
my eyes made four with Bobby’s, then I started to weep
his right ear was gone but he was no less of a hero to me.

I looked around the room and set eyes on a huge shovel
Pumpkin Pie was all over the place like chunky orange rubble.
We cleaned up in silence trying to scrub away the horror
but we knew it would dwell in our minds forever-and ever.
Ever since that horrid night, for Halloween we carve melons.

(C) 2016 Dawn Haynes-Grimes

May the spooks be with you!

Happy Halloween!

Olivia Teese