Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Dust Has Settled.....After Nanowrimo 2014

Ten thousand. Words. Yep. That was my final word count when the clock stopped ticking on the Nanowrimo 2014 challenge. So....what happened? A tourist, or should I say The Tourist. I am busy writing away trying to meet my end of December deadline for the second draft. And editing a story which was my 2011 Nanowrimo triumph. So something had to give; or my sanity would have, though some of my peers would argue that it never really existed to begin with. I walked away from the battlefield with no trophy in hand but my heart is filled with pride in being a Wrimo soldier.

In a previous post I gave you a glimpse of the villain in The Tourist which is an action/suspense story. Next time I will introduce you to the protagonist, Jake Evans. 
I am heading back to my laptop now, who is pretty sick of the sight of me and the feel of my fingertips pounding on its chest. I am pretty sick of seeing them too. But the joy of crafting my tales makes things quite bearable.

Well this is where I bid you adieu. Have a blast today and to all Wrimo soldiers out there.......Rock On!