Monday, 19 January 2015

It's 2015, etcetera, etcetera!

I hope 2015 has found you in good health and spirits! I have made a resolution- it's the same one I have been making for the last five years- just try to be better in all I do. Lists don't work for me, they die quickly and hard!

My new action/suspense book is coming along at a good pace (a release date has not been set as yet). I am in the honeymoon phase; everything is flowing smoothly until a speed bump pops out of the road without warning and I want to tear my hair out.....or someone else's. So onto introducing you to the protagonist of 'The Tourist', Jake Evans.


Jake is a young man who knows about loss. His birth was shrouded in scandal. His mother took off after he was born and his father held a vague presence in his life. With his uncle's assistance, Jake attended college and started his own business. Now that business is about to become a memory as he is forced to sell it and his beloved uncle Michael has passed away. All Jake has left of Michael are his ashes and a very valuable painting. Jake flies to Barbados to fulfil a last wish of his uncle's, which was to have his remains scattered across the ocean. But the trip turns into a dangerous affair when Michael's greedy and malicious son, Roger, goes after Jake for the painting.


And that concludes the glimpse of Jake Evans, folks.

I am currently organizing a beta reading group for my book; if you are interested in joining or know of anyone who would be, please contact me through my blog; it would be greatly appreciated. If you haven't already, join the mail list to receive free stories, updates and news of events and promotions.

I am climbing back behind the wheel of my writing machine now and will keep you abreast of the imminent speed bumps and hair loss episodes.

I bid you farewell and hope your day turns out to be superb.


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