Friday, 30 October 2015

Book Talk and Stuff Part 4

I hope this post finds you in good health and spirits (not spirits as in rum or whiskey, though if that is where you are, break a leg- or glass).

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, short stories have become a staple in my reading diet-turning into a bit of an addiction, I must confess (no objections to that). One of the latest ones I devoured is Hellbender by Laurie R. King. Hellbender is the first story I have read by this author and I didn't know what to expect going in but I came away a happy camper. It was a nice mystery tale with supernatural beings that held me to the end. I am certain, private investigator Heller, never imagined, that when Ms. Savoy walked into his office, his life would be changed so drastically. Altering human DNA can have some very...interesting results.

This next short read, Something in the Air, was wonderful. Here is my review from Goodreads:

A beautiful and sad story. Mr. Starling’s writing is like experiencing the taste of fine wine.  Some people think stories have to be at least a few hundred pages to be satisfying but Something in the Air is a great representation of the power of short stories; it was touching, engaging and satisfying.  There were funny, sweet and romantic moments between Daniel and Willow that made them appear so real, you could almost hear them breathing.  And I laughed out loud at the scene where Willow told Daniel that the vehicle still had that “special patch” from ages ago. This story proves you can go home again and find love too…

I recommend the following novel that I absolutely loved! Texas Chase has a nice blend of sweet heat and humour, Sandra Brown style! Marcie John makes a bold proposition to save Chase Tyler's business and he accepts but doesn't know the half of what he's really signing up for. The friction and chemistry between these two is amazing and there are some really hilarious scenes as Chase tries to fight the overwhelming passion that he is feeling for Marcie. This is the second book in the Texas! trilogy which I didn't realize at the time I read it- a friend had loaned me the book and I ate it up in one day. I have to read books one and three for sure!

I am currently reading this one:

The Martian by Andy Weir and Pines by Blake Crouch are sitting in my Amazon cart. What are you reading now or plan to?

Now I have some spare time I am attempting to catch up on some tv series. I'm digging my heels into Scandal (not liking the first few episodes too much but we'll see). Gotham is crazy evil! I love it! I was into Arrow when it first started but that series in my opinion has lost its way-I won't be hurrying to watch that on Wednesdays anymore. Castle never disappoints and I am eager to see how Grey's Anatomy swings minus McDreamy.

Well, here is where I exit and I hope we meet back here soon. Take care and thanks for stopping by.


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