Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Exit St. Nick, Auld Lang Syne You're Up!

So 2015 is being hustled out the door to make room for a new year. This is a time when many of us reflect on the past 365 days, get hammered with liquor and party like we've lost our minds( good stuff). And make resolutions.

Do you make new year's resolutions? I stopped making a list from a few years ago because it was becoming too stressful. I would have this sheet of paper with things I wanted to change, improve and accomplish but that wasn't working out too well. So I decided to trim the list down to key things, e.g cut out swear words and eating junk food (this quickly became a joke of epic proportions) and I fell off the wagon hard and quickly! Wait, correction, I took a leap off the wagon before it had moved but a couple inches! So then I decided, instead of aiming for the goal of keeping the swear jar empty (it's a dollar for every bad word) and my finger tips totally free of that delicious orange coating, I would keep the number of bills in the jar and the snacking to a minimum. worked out good-ish. The bills in the swear jar were remarkably less but sometimes the problem was that they were in denominations of fifties and hundreds (aargh). As for snacking, well, several days would pass without consuming a single MSG or cheese loaded goodie...then I would end up doing a binge! What is a girl to do? Anyway I have not given up and I've had the same resolution for the past couple years. Just try! Yep, try hard to be better in what ever I do and if I'm already great at something, help someone get there.

I received an invitation to a cook out party, by some new acquaintances from South America, to ring in the new year; I was told that according to their tradition, each guest must dance before they leave. I-will-rock-it! And I want you to do the same! Have a kickass old year's celebration and hail the first sun of 2016.

Happy New Year my friends!


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